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Women of a Certain Age® Entertainment is proud to present the work of our friends, colleagues and sometimes collaborators, Women of a Certain Age, all! Thanks to Joy Askew, Janie Barnett, Robin Flower & Libby McLaren, Tracy Klas, and Marcia Pelletiere for allowing us to share their magnificent work with you. Enjoy!

Little Noises CD

Marcia Pelletiere

Little Noises

$22 + s/h

Marcia Pelletiere's "LITTLE NOISES" is an exciting 2-CD collaborative effort that features her unique poems set to music by the following musical luminaries: Joy Askew, Janie Barnett, Emily Bindiger, Richard Barone, Ed Cionek, Dennis Deal, Kevin DiSimone, Margaret Dorn, Kate and Lou Giampetruzzi, Kid Java, Peter Kiesewalter, Peter Link, Libby McLaren, AnnMarie Milazzo, Bill Mitchell, Christy O'Leary, Del Pedro, Vernon Reid, Suzzy Roche, Terre Roche, Catherine Russell, Rosie Vallese, Jim Vincent, Gary Wolf, Patti Wyss and The Accidentals. It also includes a 24-page booklet with the full text of all poems .

Tracy Klas CD

Tracy Klas

Tracy Klas

$10 + s/h

Tracy Klas has performed and opened for many well known artists such as, Sheryl Crow, 4 non blondes, and Vonda Sheppard. She has received 15 prestigious songwriting and performance awards, and is a regular at many Northwest Music Festivals. In addition, her songs have been placed in major and independent films.

The memorable style, seasoned voice, of this rock torch singer has been noted by Steve Miller's bass player Lonnie Turner, who dreamily stated, "She could sing the names out of the phone book and hold an audience still leaving them wanting more!"

Steelhead CD

Robin Flower & Libby McLaren

Steelhead in the Riffles

$26 + s/h

Robin Flower & Libby McLaren bring wit, searing virtuosity and warm humanity to Steelhead in the Riffles, their fourth collaboration. The CD offers 24 original tunes and four traditional Irish songs arranged into 12 brilliantly constructed sets, covering a wide range of material. But the bottom line is that these women are having the time of their lives, and it shows. Roaring from delicate to powerhouse and back to pristine, their music is moving, fun and dazzlingly imaginative. The intricate interplay between the piano and bright mandolin is joyful perfection. Their years of playing together have gained them a musical intimacy that is extraordinary. As they anticipate each other"s direction, their playing becomes a brilliant dance of unity and harmony, adding a unique and enriching element of excitement to each piece. (excerpted from review)

Joy Askew CD

Joy Askew

The Pirate of Eel Pie

$15 + s/h

Joy Askew grew up in the North of England and since coming to America has toured with Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel, Joe Jackson, David Byrne, Jack Bruce and others. This is Joy's 6th solo CD and a continuation of her first major release in 1996 "Tender City". (BMG)

The Pirate of Eel Pie has 10 songs that are deeply different, describing growing up in England in the late sixties to the oversaturated times of today. Often political and focused on compassion, the Pirate of Eel Pie is co-produced by Joy Askew and Ricky Fataar (drummer with Bonnie Raitt) and expertly mixed by Malcolm Burn (Dylan, EmmyLou Harris, Dan Lanois) this CD has memorable choruses and great grooves!

Belong CD

Janie Barnett


$12 + s/h

Shake the Ladder CD

Janie Barnett

Shake the Ladder

$12 + s/h

Janie Barnett is a singer-songwriter based in New York City. In addition to her solo recordings and performance work, she is also an independent producer, session singer for film, commercials and CDs and a freelance guitarist. She has worked with artists as diverse as Bonnie Raitt, Rickie Lee Jones, Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion and Michael and Kevin Bacon. Janie is currently in pre-production for Allison Scola's next CD, and is songwriting partner with Margaret Dorn on a new work for theatre, now in workshop development in NYC. Email Janie

Margaret Dorn CD

Margaret Dorn

Margaret Dorn

$15 + s/h

Waiting to Go On CD

Margaret Dorn

Waiting to Go On

$15 + s/h

Certainly not least are two of Margaret's solo albums. The first, released in Germany by Lobel Records, and the ensuing 6-week tour, garnered great reviews and received extensive airplay, with the single, "I Want the World to Know," hitting the pop charts. While on tour, Margaret wrote the title song (Waiting to Go On) to the second album, also released by Lobel. Both CDs feature members of the WCA family: Millie Whiteside, Kevin DiSimone, Bob Christianson and Janie Barnett. According to Margaret, "My favorite way to make music is with the collective talents and energies of the best musicians around. Of course you can do great things by yourself with today's technology- but it's not half as much fun!"