It's all about the songs.

Karen Kantor and Margaret Dorn met in the late 1980s at a gathering in New York given by Charlie Whiteside to display a new section of the AIDS Quilt. They wrote their first song together, "Who's Gonna Make Me Laugh?", to honor Charlie after his death in 1991. Over the next 14 years, after Karen had moved West to Portland, the two continued to collaborate on individual songs. They gradually came to see that what they were creating together had an unexpected theatricality to it and fit obviously into both of their theatre backgrounds: Margaret's as an actress and singer and Karen's as a stage manager and producer.


Theatre companies across America are filled with actresses of a certain age, standing by to glean whatever parental or character roles are doled out. The pickings are slim. Women of a Certain Age® can be performed by four women of any shape, color or size, ability or disability, as long as they can SING!

Women of a Certain Age® is a musical revue in two acts. There will be a simple unit set and minor, if any, costume changes. All of the songs are original and the show runs around 90 minutes.

Accompanied by an on-stage seven-piece band, "Women of a Certain Age" presents our inner, emotional lives and particularly touches women and men old enough, yet young enough to remember if they actually went to Woodstock. And when they first heard Joni Mitchell's "BLUE"!

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